2022 Calendar

Bring a little inspiration to your desk with this vertical photo desk calendar is made of FSC® certified 100% eco paper, featuring Japanese Mizuhiki Gift Wrapping.

Each page showcases either a classic or a modern Japanese-inspired gift wrapping, all finished off with Mizuhiki decorations.

In Japan, Mizuhiki is often associated with sacred ceremonies, offerings, and gift-giving. When a gift is tied with a Mizuhiki it means that it was sealed, and should stay protected until it will reach its destination and purpose. This kind of presentation translates as "the gift presented is clean and new" - a concept extremely important to Japanese culture.

It also symbolizes the tight relationship between the giver and the receiver. which is differentiated from the regular wrapping concept of "gift wrapping with unwrapping and untying in mind."

Remember, it's in your power to create special gift-giving moments for your loved ones!

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