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Shiho Masuda

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Born in Japan, I've spent most of my young adult life in the US, where I've become a professional gift wrap designer. Recently my path took me back to my home country only to rediscover its beauty and traditions with different eyes.

I've come to believe that we, humans, are an expression of all the experiences we go through since we are born. Every one of them, every relationship (frugal or lifelong) carves our identity and perception of this world.

After almost two decades learning, performing and teaching this art, I've witnessed first-hand how it changed people's gift giving occasions to emotional moments, charged with awe and admiration.

My deepest wish is to help everyone learn the skills of gift wrapping, so that together we can bring a little art in our gift giving traditions.

Tomomi Higuchi

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Mizuhiki has been a center piece in my life for a long time, especially because it has been a local traditional craft in Ehime, where I grew up. Thanks to the dedication of the people here, Ehime became a top producer of Mizuhiki in Japan. 

I felt a strong connection to the Japanese culture of gift-giving and was fascinated by the ways people can express their feelings through the simple act of wrapping and tying. 
I made it my mission to preserve the concepts and techniques of Mizuhiki  inherited from the master craftspeople, all the while sharing the ideas and products that can benefit the quality of our lives.

The products



Furoshiki bag


We hope to help you discover new and old ways of creating unique gift wrapping by carefully choosing products and materials of high quality, durability and sustainability.


Ehime bridge


The Japanese culture is rich in aesthetic concepts and and specialized materials that make gift wrapping a form of art. Some of the products that you'll find in the shop come from Ehime, the same region where Mizuhiki and Imabari towels come from. 



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