Furoshiki Set of 2 (Medium) with Ichigo Rings Instructions & Videos

Red Furoshiki handbag with handle


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Furoshiki's simplicity opens up endless creative possibilities of using it. We want to give you a head start so we've included three video tutorials and a care instructions section below. Simply click on the images to watch the videos.

Simple knot with blue and yellow FuroshikiStriped Furoshiki wrappingFuroshiki handbag with handles

Caring for your Furoshiki 


  • Hand wash separately in cold or lukewarm water (30C) using a mild detergent.
  • Since it's made of cotton, avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach, etc.
  • Wring gently and don't tumble dry.


  • Iron on low setting. If ironing on high, depending on the surface of your iron, we recommend that you place a spare fabric on top so that the plate of the iron doesn't touch the Furoshiki directly. Alternatively, iron on the reverse side.
  • Fold and store in your favorite space, where it's easily accessible.


  • Avoid carrying items that are likely to spill or stain (oil bottles, food without protective packaging, etc).
  • Some ideas are gift wrapping, as a small handbag, a travel kit holder, a protective makeshift case for personal care items, picnic cloth, bento box case, and many, many more!


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