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Ume Musubi is a knot inspired by the shape of the plum flowers (Ume means "plum"), extremely popular in Japan. Brought from Ancient China, the plum flowers are believed to be the precursors of Sakura admired during the Hanami or Flower Viewing festival, as they are blooming a lot earlier than the cherry blossoms. They were considered to be the true announcers of spring.

Originally they were believed to ward off evil, which is why plum trees are often planted near important religious sites such as shrines and temples. 

Along with Awaji Musubi and Musubikiri, Ume Musubi is a hard knot to untie, which makes it the ideal symbol for a tight relationship, commitment, closeness, unbroken promises, etc. 

In Japan, plums also represent happiness, longevity, and maturity. As such, it's a very popular choice for wedding decorations, bride's accessories, table decorations, etc. 

How to use:

The Ume Musubi is ideal as gift wrapping accessories or attached to handmade cards, party and wedding invitations, etc.

You can use any type of adhesive to attach it to the surface (craft glue, double-sided tape, glue dot, or glue gun, etc). Alternatively, you can thread a thin elastic (similar to those used in jewelry crafts) through the Mizuhiki ornament to then affix the ornament onto the gift package. 

It can also be used to create unique hair clips or brooch pins by simply gluing the Mizuhiki Musubi on the accessory base. 


What's included:

  • Mizuhiki Ume Knot - choose from 10, 30, 50, or 100 Pieces

Product details:

Size***: 3.5cm/ 1.37"
Colors: Red and White
Made of: Washi Paper, Silk Strip
Other info: made with 5 strands of Mizuhiki (2 Red and 3 White)
Made in: Japan
***Please note that the product is handmade, so some small differences in size can occur from item to item.

Care instructions:

Store in a dry place, away from dust, and avoid contact with liquids.


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