Mizuhiki Starter Kit

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Create your own Mizuhiki decorations and add an elegant, Japanese touch to any gift wrapping! This kit includes everything you need to get started. 

Join our free online lessons to learn how to use the tools and Mizuhiki: Beginner's Guide to Mizuhiki Art


What's Mizuhiki?

Mizuhiki is a thin paper cord made from twisted strips of Washi paper. Once a Washi strip is twisted to the desired thickness and strength, the surface is coated with a special glue to help hold its shape. The strands created are strong and flexible, almost wire-like.

Tying Mizuhiki has a significant meaning to gift-giving. It's a symbol of affection, unity, harmony, and warmth. Mizuhiki is often tied to packages and gifts to express wishes of good luck and fortune. It also brings a sense of connection and the wish to tighten the relationship with others. That's why it's often used as an accessory for gift packages and monetary envelopes. Furthermore, fashion items such as hairpieces, earrings, necklaces, etc. also made this symbol ever-present in Asian-inspired designs.


What's included:

  • Washi Tape -  1 Piece (used to secure ends and keep strands together)
  • Tweezers - 1 Piece  (used for handling tiny accessory)
  • Chiribou  - 1 Piece (a specific Mizuhiki tool used for creating spirals)
  • Sewing Awl - 1 Piece (used to soften and handle the Mizuhiki strands or create a wider space for threading the Mizuhiki strands through)
  • Pliers - 3 Pieces ( 3 different types used when a stronger grip is needed)
  • Sharp scissors - 1 Piece
  • Mizuhiki Strands (various colors) - 30 Strands ( *** Each color includes Mizuhiki strand made in different materials and color tones)
  • Wide Mizuhiki - 1 Strand - for creating Mizuhiki art such as Chopsticks holder
  • Tool Bag - 1 Piece
  • Kit Bag - 1 Piece

Product details:
  • Size: 93cm (36.5 inches)
  • Thickness: 1mm (0.04 inches)
  • Colors: Various
  • Materials: Washi paper, Silk strips
  • Made in Japan
Thick Mizuhiki
  • Size: 100cm
  • Thickness 1mm  (0.04 inches)
  • Color: Sparkling Gold
  • Materials: Washi paper, Silk strips
  • Made in Japan


Mizuhiki Care instructions:
Store in a dry place, away from dust, and avoid contact with liquids. If possible, keep the strands flat,  straight in a safe box, envelope, etc., or in between large sheets of paper.  



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