Portable Aroma Oil & Diffuser Set

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A portable aroma set for anyone longing to be in touch with nature.

Blended in small batches, the essential oil has fresh, woody notes, reminding of the evergreens. 

The wood case is handmade by skilled craftsmen by naturally drying the Ehime Zelkova tree. Each piece is finished with beeswax oil, so they each show a unique wood pattern.

The warmth of wood and the fresh scent of the oil will fill your room and help you connect with nature, especially during your busy moments. 

The Ogakuzu wood shavings are made from Japanese Cypress from Ehime and impart a naturally fresh, woody scent, instantly transporting you into nature. No oil has been added to these. What you feel is the actual fragrance of the wood.


About the essential oil

Kie's blended oil is created for deep breathing.

A perfume-like aroma oil that maximizes the scent of Ehime forest and citrus essential oils. It has been created using perfume-making methods, so you can enjoy the changes of the scent over time. Kie aroma oils are gently distilled from the high-quality Ehime cypress leaves, the resulting aroma is fresh, light, and clear.

- Yuge -

Yuge means "bath steam" in Japanese. The name hints at the relaxing effect that the scent has, similar to that of warm steam. It's perfect to use when you'd like to ground yourself and rejuvenate at the end of the day. 

- Awa - 

Awa means "bubble" in Japanese. This aroma oil has a refreshing scent like popping bubbles. Popular scent for men also, it's perfect for morning use to freshen up to start a day. 


How to use: 

  • Place a drop or two on the Tobe Yaki porcelain and leave the case open. Alternatively, you can dab a handkerchief or the corner of your scarf if you wish to use it instead of perfume. 
  • It can also be used as a base material for handmade aroma sprays and aroma perfumes.
  • Place a drop somewhere inside your gift box when you're preparing a gift for someone. It'll be a nice surprise when they open the box! (The stain on paper is minimal once dried as the blend is alcohol-based. Even so, add the drop on a small piece of paper tissue or on the corner inside the box.)

Note: To improve the fragrance effect, 30% Vodka is added to 70% of essential oil. Please refrain from using it directly on your skin.


Special note from the creator:

Essential oils are the life of plants. The scent is different from season to season, even for one single tree.  That's why the time of the creation is recorded on the enclosed leaflet. Enjoy the scent of the Japanese forest in different seasons!



What's included:

  • Wooden Case - 1 Piece
  • Unglazed Porcelain Tobe Ware - 1 Piece
  • Blended Aroma Oil (Yuge) - 1 Bottle (3ml)
    • Ingredients: Essential oil blend (Hinoki leaves, Kuromoji, Iyokan, Yuzu, Orange, Lavender, Coriander, Holly leaf, Tonka beans), 100% Vodka
  • Ogakuzu Wooden Shavings- 1 Bag
Product details:

Diameter: 95mm or 3.7 Inches
Thickness: 7mm or 0.2 Inches
Made of: Zelkova tree, Tobe Yaki Porcelain
Made in: Ehime, Japan

Care instructions:
Essential Oil
The oils are best stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, away from any source of direct heat. Make sure to close the bottle well after each use.
If you don't use the oil often, it's best to refrigerate (the door of the fridge will be a perfect place). 
Wooden case
Keep away from direct heat and humidity. 
Ogakuzu Wood Shavings
Use them as a fragrance for your drawers, wardrobe, etc. As they are small particles and can be easily swollen, please take care and store them away from pets and children under 3 years old.  



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